Now is a good time to tune up your racquet with a new set of strings, grip and vibration dampener for just $35.oo. Head Ti-S6 grommets and bumper guards in stock at an additional charge.



Racquet Stringing & Maintenance

"Strings are the soul of the racquet" and most often neglected. Your racquet starts to lose tension shortly after stringing and that's why it's recommended to re-string as many times per year as you play per week. Play 3 X's per week / String 3 X's per year. Also important to choose the correct string, tension, and gauge suitable to your game. Replace broken or damaged grommets and bumper guards at the same time, and replace worn out grips. Always keep your equipment in good shape to prevent injury and allow you to play your best tennis.  24 HR TURNAROUND IN MOST CASES.  FREE PICK UP AND DELIVERY IN THE VILLAGES.

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Ball Machine Drills

Ball machine drills are great for developing good footwork to best position yourself for the perfect shot.  Increase your stamina and endurance while practicing your ground strokes and ball timing.  Come out and enjoy a fantastic workout!

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